I’m mathphreak, otherwise known as Matt H. I make cool stuff (well, I start cool stuff; finishing is overrated).

Sometimes I write things, but not very often.

The last thing I wrote was called My Projects.

stuff I’m making


A DCPU-16 emulator/assembler/whatever. The DCPU-16 is going to be in Notch’s new game 0x10c, assuming he finishes it.


Custom death messages for Bukkit (Minecraft), done competently.

stuff I’ve made

As I was writing this section, I scrolled down my GitHub repository list, and I thought “that’s crap, that’s crap, I never even went anywhere with that…dang I feel special right now.” So I changed my mind, and I’ll skip this section for now. If you’re really curious, you can check out my github. Technically, I make music sometimes too, but it’s been a while. I listen to way more music than I write. By a factor of approximately aleph-one.

stuff I started but never finished so it doesn’t count as being “made” but was still my responsibility

this website

This is by far the coolest (and most finished) thing I’ve done. Ever. :(


I had an idea a while back to make a game with HTML5 Canvas. I didn’t get very far before I lost interest and moved on to something else. I should probably go look at that again, as it sounds way more feasible now.

people who are awesome