I’m Matt Horn, also known as mathphreak. I make cool stuff.

Sometimes I write things, but not very often. I have an RSS feed that you can add to whatever feed reader you use.

The last thing I wrote was called Introducing Hamwerk.

stuff I’m making


A better homework system.

stuff I’ve made


A DCPU-16 emulator/assembler/whatever. The DCPU-16 was the CPU in Notch’s canceled 0x10c.


Custom death messages for Bukkit (Minecraft), done competently. This was made for the Republica Minecraft server, which has since shut down.

a bit of music

stuff I started but never finished so it doesn’t count as being “made” but was still my responsibility

this website

I don’t update this website very often.


I had an idea a while back to make a game with HTML5 Canvas. I didn’t get very far before I lost interest and moved on to something else. I should probably go look at that again, as it sounds way more feasible now.

the rest of the stuff on my GitHub